TB Advocates provides regular legal update on new policies, specifically with sectorial in-house approach and informs its clients, partners on key new, soon-to-be implemented policies and regulations affecting their businesses.

Our legal interpretation methods include constructive, objective and expansive interpretation approach. TB Advocates experts’ in-depth knowledge and experience of working with law & legal professionals offer legal interpretation expertise in a wide range of fields including Commerce & Contracts, Employment, FMCG, Healthcare, Financial Reports & Legal Reports, Declarations and Transcripts; Patents & Trademarks, etc.
Our main translation languages focus on English and Vietnamese texts, this allows our legal professionals to focus and provide an efficient and high level of service to our clients.


At TB Advocates, we always advise clients to engage and settle their issues mutually by way of negotiation or mediation whenever possible to save time, money and avoid court confrontation and cumbersome lengthy litigation.

We stand by ready to assist our clients in negotiations and provide them with the best in terms of quality, experience, and maturity. Our lawyers are also ready and qualified to act as shuttle diplomat between the parties exchange the offers and facilitate, support them to reach the mutual agreement based on our win-win solutions.


How many general counsels can confirm that they devote enough time to their in-house legal strategy to support their corporate business goals? We realize that the legal support should not be purely following and responding to key business demands, objectives but also drawing and aligning with changing business needs and conditions.

TB Advocates can show clients how to prioritize legal’s scope and identify activities that will have measurable impacts and improvements on their business performance and assists them to build a structured roadmap towards implementation.


TB Advocate provides experts and technical support to conduct searching, advisory, and registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs. We support companies to reach the power to prevent, stop other traders from unlawful using of their brand name and other intellectual property rights.
Our lawyers mainly assist architects or their principals, contractors, builders and commercial developers, investors in entire private building field from drawing up ideas and concepts, urban planning design to building contracts as well as real estate law and relevant regulations on architecture. We also advise on the fees, protection of ownership- architecture drawings, plans, and completed architectural works, liability for subsequent changes to plans.


Besides assisting our clients on the day to day operations of businesses, TB Advocates also provides pragmatics solutions for clients to comply with their statutory and regulatory obligations. We also have particular experience in advising our clients with governance in case of group restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. Our firm is able to handle our clients’ conflicts of interest, shareholders and directors rights’ and obligations as well as empowerment and proxy fights, changes of control.

Our diligent team members help their clients to ensure that codes of conducts, ethics are followed as these are very key documents to the industries like Healthcare, Financial Services, Real Estate etc. We have specific expertise in providing advise on governance to the non-profit organizations and international business associations.


We provide first-class services for creating commercial contracts with suppliers, customers, and partners. Our lawyers ensure the contracts are clear and unambiguous, suitable for the purpose and compliant, preventing our clients from commercial risks. TB Advocates also assists our clients with convincing recommendations for action along the entire value-added chain on both domestic and international levels.

Our firm has extensive knowledge of international trade, WTO and Free Trade Agreements as well as key benefits, tariff reduction, implementation roadmap and timeline for such commitments.


Besides the legal service, TB Advocates partners with our clients to bring added values to their entire value chain process, to enhance business efficiency, integrity toward more long-term development and goals. With great values of accountability, dedication, and honesty, we equip our clients with the new lens of legal strategy by contributing to the improvement of the legal framework, promoting good corporate practices, thus, making positive impacts for the business community and the society.